Lathe Machine Process, Workings and Development

A lathe machine is used in many types of industries. The machines can be found in metal spinning, wood turning, glass working, metal working, and other mass production industries. Lathes are used to create items like cue sticks, baseball bats, and gun barrels. Lathes date back to Egypt and have been known to be used in Greece as well. During the 1300 BC, Egyptians used a two person machine. Ancient Romans decided to use a turning bow instead of a person manually holding the wooden piece. With the emergence of the Industrial Revolutions the lathe was mechanized by using water wheel and steam powered engines. Lathes have been improved and adapted to fit the industrial needs of production. As technology increases so does the evolution of manufacturing machinery.

Lathe machines are spinning parts and an operator attaches cutting tools to remove material of different diameters on all types of mediums. The medium is placed in between the spindle and the tail stock. From here, the medium is spun via carriage and compound. As the medium is spinning, tools are used by the operator to cut the preferred shape and depth. The tool holder can be a person or a machine arm controlled by a CNC system. Many different tools can be used some examples are a fillet, boring, or slicing tool.