Different types of Industries that Use Spindle Machines and Comparative Information

Manufacturing Industry


The manufacturing market is part of a bigger sect called goods- producing industry. Subsects of the manufacturing industry can include but are not limited to wood product manufacturing, fabricated metal production manufacturing, primary metal manufacturing, furniture and related product manufacturing and machinery manufacturing. Each one of these industries uses some type of CNC spindle machine, which needs to be cooled as mentioned above.

Wood product manufacturing includes sub sectors of sawmills and wood preservation, veneer, plywood, and engineered wood product manufacturing and other wooden goods manufacturing.  The average earnings of these worker is a little above 19$/hour. This number is derived from managers, team assemblers, wood working machine operators, machine feeders and other groups of hard working people. Most of the industry is private industry. This is not to be confused with furniture and related product making. This type of industry employs the same type of people but includes, upholsters and furniture finishers. The average amount of hourly workers is almost 20$.  Like wood product manufacturing, the industry is mostly privatized.

Primary metal manufacturing, fabricated metal production manufacturing, machinery manufacturing are very similar industries. Most of them employ machinists, cutting, punching and press machine operators, and cutters, solderers and braziers.  Wages per hour for these industries can vary from 19$-28$. All these industries are privatized with the exception of a few fabricated metal product manufacturing companies. A small amount of fabricated metal product manufacturing companies are employed by the government. This could be due to military, defense, or computer parts used by government agencies.